Boss from Hell…

“I have never had someone disrespect me like that. Do you know I can make or break you? Your career is in my hands” These were the harsh words that were clearly said by Bella’s boss. It was a Tuesday evening and they were just about closing shift and seeing that her colleagues had closed for the day, she decided to join them and head home. On her way out she’s summoned back and with a wry smile Bella walked towards her boss. She had waited all day to be with him again. She had day dreamed of the passionate kisses they had shared in the pantry and how those harsh words turned her on instead of enraging her. As there eyes met they undressed each other mentally eagerly waiting to find a spot where they could express how much they loved each other. The thrill that came with sneaking around made Bella feel like she was a teenager again, it hard been a long while since the thought of someone made her giddy. For a moment she paused of her ex husband and she cringed, how could she have loved such a monster. “I can’t wait to feel your skin…” she was sprung back into reality with the voice of Zach holding out his hand at the office kitchen. Zach made her feel like the woman she had always proclaimed to be and whenever he took her in she was left with stories to tell. She knew it was wrong but damn Zach was not one to be resisted. Another night had been actively spent in the pantry and Bella was a happy girl once more….

Daddy’s Little Girl,

She was one who believed that her dad was a super hero. The way he would wake up in the morning just to kiss her good morning and then again in the evening to say good night. She never thought that there would come a day she would have to tuck herself in or have her mum read her bedtime stories instead because daddy was no longer there. Who was she supposed to get mad at? Is it God who allowed her dad to fall sick and never get better? Was dad at fault for not fighting through it? He should have, he knew he had a little princess looking up to him everyday. She relied on her dad for everything. She had just started to learn how to be independent, how to get things done by herself with her biggest cheerleader looking on. Today he is not present, there are so many firsts that she wished she could have shared with daddy. An angel is now shining his light on her because that is what her dad was now and she grew to be okay with it.